Wifi Networks

Anytime you are in the church building you have access to WiFi. Using WiFi can be a cost savings to you in that you can access internet without using the data on your personal cell phone plan.
We have 5 WiFi routers set up enabling you to access a strong signal from nearly anyplace in our building. A router is piece of equipment that sends the internet signal to your cell phone or tablet.
The routers are in our building are called:
  • Mul1st2
  • Mul1st5–This router is located in the Mulvane building between rooms 106 and 105 (Bishop Frank Forum.)
  • Mul2nd2
  • Mul2nd5–This router is located in the 2nd floor children’s library.
  • CelRm2
  • CelRm5–This router is located in the Nursery area.
  • FelHal2
  • FelHal5–This router is located in Fellowship Hall
  • Sanc2
  • Sanc5–This router is located in our new office area.
Since these routers have no password, in most cases your device should automatically find the router with the strongest signal and closest to your location. As you travel through the building, your device should automatically switch to the closest router.
When accessing these routers manually through the settings tab on your device, there are two channels to choose from. Any channel ending in 2 will have a longer range and may be a little more reliable for you. If the channel ends in 5, this will be a faster connection, but if you are moving around the building, you could lose this connection quicker.

Once you have connected to one of our WiFi networks, moving from space to space becomes easy.  It is not likely, but possible that you may need to access ALL routers in the building and connect manually first in order for this process to begin occurring automatically.

With any questions, contact Tina Boles in the church office at 785-233-8100.