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Topeka First UMC is a JUMP Network Member Congregation

Topeka JUMP is a coalition of 20 congregations in Shawnee County, Kansas.  Through Topeka JUMP people of faith from all walks of life come together to seek justice for the widow, the orphan, and the poor. JUMP’s mission is to build people-based power to influence local decision-makers to consider policy and funding changes that address systems which perpetuate poverty and injustice.

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Upcoming Events

Network Members are required to attend JUMP meetings, bringing several representatives from their congregation. We’d love for you to attend the next JUMP event with us! Put these dates on your calendar:

  • April 9th: First Baptist Church, Rally, 7 p.m.
  • April 30: Location TBA, Nehemiah Action Assembly, 7 p.m.
  • June 11: Location TBA, JUMP Banquet and 5 Year Celebration, 7 p.m.

Contact Dennis Tietze to learn how you can get involved with Topeka JUMP as a part of our congregation.

Member Congregations

  • Apostolic Church of Jesus Christ
  • Asbury Mt. Olive UMC
  • Central Congregational UCC
  • El Shaddai Ministries
  • First Baptist Church
  • Gethsemane Worship Center
  • Grace Cathedral
  • Inward Faith Outreach Ministries
  • In God’s House
  • Lowman UMC
  • Most Pure Heart of Mary Parish
  • Mother Teresa of Calcutta Parish
  • New Mt. Zion MBC
  • Southern Hills Mennonite
  • Southwest Baptist Church
  • Tecumseh UMC​
  • Topeka First United Methodist Church
  • Trinity Presbyterian
  • West Side Baptist
  • Westminster Presbyterian

JUMP Nehemiah Assembly 2018

JUMP’s 2018 Nehemiah Assembly drew hundreds of members from many churches to stand together for social justice issues in our city.

Learn more about this event from the media coverage:

How did Topeka First UMC become part of JUMP? What are our commitments?

Dennis Tietze, Missions Committee

The obligations/commitments from the member congregations to Topeka JUMP are financial and people resource. Each congregation makes a financial commitment based upon a JUMP recommendation and individual congregational budget abilities. The recommendation is 1% of the church budget. We were not able to do that this year. We committed about 15% of the recommendation. Hopefully we will continue to increase our support. The people resources are volunteers to participate in the JUMP community organization process that researches and determines the justice priorities for our community. Any individual member of a member congregation is invited to participate in the process. The culmination of the process is the Nehemiah Assembly in the spring when the community assembles to give voice and support to the recommendations made through the process. Last year the assembly was at Grace with over 1000 attending. This year it will be at Most Pure Heart and it is hoped to have 1500 people attend. Pastor Jeff and I have set a goal of 50 from Topeka First UMC. The backbone of volunteers are the Justice Ministry Network Members (JMNM). JMNMs commit to participation in 5 key meetings during the JUMP calendar. These meetings include hosting a small group for fact finding and identification of community justice related issues. This is where the raw information comes from that leads to the establishment of the priorities, like affordable housing, mental health, and transportation as issues of justice that need Topeka solutions. JMNMs also make a $200 membership financial commitment.

The process we went through last summer when Shanae Elem, Topeka JUMP organizer, presented at 9:30 was to introduce members to JUMP. Subsequent individual discussions with Shanae and her staff identified a handful of members interested in becoming JMNMs. To date, I am not sure anyone has fully met the criteria, though several have expressed interest. Currently, I am the lead representative for the church. JUMP needs volunteers to amplify our voice as we speak to community decision makers. My priority at this time is to publicize the Nehemiah Assembly to encourage a substantial representation from our church. My secondary goal is to identify and develop committed JMNMs.

If you’d like to get involved, click here to send Dennis Tietze an email.