Topeka First UMC exists to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. As such, our vision is to be a community of Jesus followers that connect, grow, and serve for the good of the city. As members together in this body we seek to grow in God’s love through five rhythms of life. Through these five weeks we will explore each of these rhythms and be invited to think about how we take next steps on our journeys of faith.  

 January 13th Worship 

Series: Rhythm of Life

Title: The Rhythm of Worship

Scripture: John 4:7-26 & Psalm 66:1-7

Theme: We kick off our exploration of our Discipleship Pathway by looking at the rhythm of worship in the life of a Christian. We will talk about the biblical invitation to communal worship and examine the benefits, both for us individually and for those around us, of gathering regularly to celebrate God as a community of faith.

January 20th

Series: Rhythm of Life

Title: Group Life Rhythm – Stretcher Bearers

Scripture: Mark 2:1-12, Acts 2:43-47

Theme: As we continue our exploration of Topeka First’s Discipleship Pathway, we turn to look at the important rhythm of group life. We’ll talk about the biblical call to community and the benefits that come when we make a commitment to group life. We’ll use the story from Mark’s Gospel of four friends bringing a person before Jesus for healing and the life rhythm of the very earliest Christians as models for how we engage in and live group life today.

January 27th

Series: Rhythm of Life

Title: The Rhythm of Generous Giving

Scripture: Genesis 14:18-20, Mark 12:41-44, Matthew 19:16-22

Theme: Everything we are and everything we have comes as a gift from God. In light of this reality, followers of Jesus are invited to be generous givers, responding to the generosity of God. In this message we’ll look at the Biblical images of giving and sharing resources as we explore our call to be generous givers.

February 3rd

Series: Rhythm of Life

Title: Rhythm of Serving

Scripture: Matthew 25:35-40, Mark 9:33-37,

Theme: As followers of Jesus we understand that true greatness comes in serving, serving God and serving others. Through this message we’ll explore our call as followers of Jesus to serve, not simply to be served.

February 10th

Series: Rhythm of Life

Title: Living as Storytellers

Scripture: Matthew 28:18-20, Matthew 13:1-3a, 10-13

Theme: Jesus was a masterful story teller. Through the telling of stories he helped people understand what God was doing in the world and challenged people to live differently in response to God’s work. As followers of Jesus today we are invited to share our stories as a means of witnessing to our faith and inviting others into a relationship with God in Christ. Through this message we’ll explore our invitation to live as storytellers.