May 11th eNote from Pastor Jeff

I hope you’re well as another week comes to a close!


I want to begin today by sharing news of an upcoming staff transition. Sharon Fick, our Bell Choir Director, announced this week that she would be leaving the position at the end of June. I am grateful for all of the years that Sharon has served in this role and for all of the gifts that she brought to worship at Topeka First UMC. I hope you’ll find an opportunity over these next weeks to express your gratitude to Sharon for her leadership and service.


This weekend in worship we begin a three week series that we’re calling simply “Entitled.” I have built the messages around the idea that though there are few guarantees in life (and we often fall into the trap of thinking we’re entitled to things that were never promised), there are a few things that I believe we can count on as followers of Jesus. I also believe that if we increasingly focus on these three things, following Jesus will make a greater impact on our lives and the lives of others around us. I hope you’ll make it a point to be present in worship and to consider inviting your friends and family on Sunday May 13, 20, and 27.


This Sunday is Mother’s Day, a day that is special and meaningful for many while also challenging and painful for others. I invite you to be mindful of how challenging this day can be for those who have lost their mom (or a child) recently, for those who are estranged from their mom (or a child), and for those who have not been able to have children. Each year around Mother’s Day I say some special prayers for those who are struggling and I invite you to do the same.


Mother’s Day will not be a significant theme in worship Sunday, but if you (or someone you know) are not sure you’ll be able to come to church on Sunday this could be a good time to consider joining for worship on our livestream.


I’m looking forward to being together in worship on Sunday and hope you have a great weekend!