At Topeka First United Methodist, we are many people of many backgrounds who tell many stories, but we are all one church. We worship at three different services, gather in 12 adult classes on Sunday mornings and more during the week, and serve on many teams, missions, and ministries, but we are all one church. Some of us have been members for decades, and some of us have been members for just a few days, but we are all one church. We are a branch of the body of Christ. When we Connect, Grow, and Serve together, we can do great things for the good of the city and for the transformation of the world.

Our logo is made up of dots, which represent the many people who come together as one church body. Within the dots, you can see the bell tower from the oldest part of our building that has called us to worship in the center of our city for many years. You can also see the cross and peaked roof of the newest part of our building, that since more recent times has welcomed us and our guests in to experience the growth and fellowship our church family offers.

As you have seen our this logo appear in more places at church and around town, you probably also have noticed our circular icons that are associated with our different ministry areas. These icons use the imagery of a planted seed to tell the story of how life in our church cultivates growing faith and transformed lives.


This is the Children’s Discipleship icon. It represents a seed that has been planted and is just starting to take root. When you see this icon or this color of purple, you know you are looking at information about our Children’s Discipleship program.


This is the Youth Discipleship icon. The image now shows that the roots have deepened and growth has begun. The plant stretches its leaves upward as it grows into its potential. When you see this shade of blue and this icon, you know you are looking at information from our Youth Discipleship program.


This is the icon for our #Adulting group. This wide-encompassing group might be called the “Young Adults,” though it covers ministry groups for those who have just graduated high school to those who are just under Baby Boomer age. Some members of #Adulting are just figuring out what it means to be an adult, some are young professionals, some are raising young families…but it’s more about where you are in life than your actual age. This image is a young, flowering plant. When you see this light green-blue color and this icon, you know you have found information about #Adulting.

Phase 2

This is the icon for Phase 2, our Community of Baby Boomers. This icon represents a tree bearing fruit, and for good reason! Baby Boomers are experiencing “Phase 2” of their lives. They have given many years to raising families and building careers. They can look back and see the impact they have made, and look forward at the great things they have yet to accomplish. They have energy and a little more time, and they are looking to invest this in meaningful endeavors.

Senior Adults

The Senior Adults icon depicts the sun, shining throughout our congregation and sharing its warmth. The senior adults’ experience and wisdom have shaped our church and are vital to our spiritual growth and maturity. The church can look to them for guidance as they continue to impact our congregation and community. You know you are looking at information about Senior Adult ministry when you see this warm, yellow, sunny icon.


Our Missions/Serve Icon is a watering can, which takes the calling of our church beyond our building to water seeds out in our community. Our missions bring the hope and love of Christ to the people around us, drawing people toward the Living Water. When you see this spring green color and watering can, you know you are learning about Missions and Serving with Topeka First UMC.

The Topeka First United Methodist Church logo and icons were created by Sprout Communications and are the property of Topeka First United Methodist Church.