June 1st eNote from Pastor Jeff

I am on vacation this week and in Seattle with the family visiting my sister and brother-in-law. We headed out after church last Sunday for an epic family road trip that took us from Topeka to Fort Collins, CO on day one, Fort Collins to Boise, ID on day two, and on in to Seattle on day three. It has been good to connect with family and to explore Seattle together over these last days.
As much as I enjoy vacation time to connect with family and recharge, I always miss being with you in worship when I’m gone. I am especially sorry to miss this weekend in worship, however, and hope you’ll make it a point to come for what should be a special time of celebration!
This Sunday is the first of our Summer Celebration Sundays that we’ll hold on the first Sunday of each summer month (6/3, 7/1, 8/5, and 9/2). Building on the energy and success of our Palm Sunday combined worship celebration, we will have one combined worship service at 10 a.m. each of these mornings, paired with a community celebration and lunch to follow.
This weekend, we celebrate promotion Sunday for children and youth moving up to the next grade level. Michael Turner, our long-time member and ministry intern this year, will deliver the sermon. After worship, we will share lunch and games on the playground and parking lot for children, youth, and people of all ages!
Our hope is these summer celebrations will provide unique opportunities to engage neighbors in the life of the church this year. I hope you will consider inviting your neighbors, who you connect with in the places you work, live, and play, and that the neighbors of the church will know they are welcome, too.
It is an exciting time to be in downtown Topeka, and it is an exciting time to be the church sharing Christ’s love with the world. I am sorry not to be with you this weekend!