July 27, 2018 eNote from Pastor Jeff

July 27, 2018
Dear Topeka First UMC Family,

I hope you’re well as another week comes to a close!

Since early this spring I have been meeting with a team made up of staff and members to talk about worship and discipleship in our life together as the church. The conversation started to address a question that has been lingering in my mind now for several years, “What is the ideal weekly worship schedule to help us fulfill our mission?” As we ventured into the conversation we soon realized that defining “ideal” in this context would be an important challenge.

Several months ago now we pivoted the conversation to focus less on worship specifically and more on discipleship holistically. We have explored how other churches define their process or pathway for discipleship and discussed and processed and prayed about the way in which we articulate as a church the things that followers of Jesus do.

As we continue the conversation into the fall we will be exploring how we as a community of faith provide support and guidance for people seeking to follow Jesus as a part of the Topeka First UMC family. I invite you to continue to pray for the team having these conversations and invite you to be prayerfully reflecting on how you have grown and are growing as a follower of Jesus.

I also wanted to let you know today that Austin Harris’s role on our staff team will be expanding to full-time on August 1st. He will be assuming most of the responsibilities of the former publications coordinator position and his title will be Director of Worship and Communications. I am grateful for Austin’s work as a part of the team and his stepping into these new responsibilities.

I have enjoyed hearing stories from many of you over the last weeks about the ways in which you are blessing and eating with people with intentionality, about how you’re setting aside time to listen for the movement/guidance of the Spirit, and how you’re taking specific steps to learn more about Jesus. This weekend in worship we’ll conclude our “Living Questionable Lives” series by discussing the fifth habit. If you haven’t been in worship each of the last four weeks, you can catch up on messages here.

Tonight and tomorrow is our second Summer Adventure weekend for children and their families. I invite you to be praying for everyone participating in this weekend.

I look forward to seeing many of you for the Summer Adventure event or for worship on Sunday!
Grace and Peace,

Jeff Clinger
Lead Pastor
Topeka First United Methodist Church