Children’s Discipleship Team

children's directorDirector of Children’s Discipleship

Allison is a mother to Charlotte and Elliott, and wife to Scott. Their family relocated from Nashville, Tennessee in the fall of 2016. Allison had been a stay-at-home mom since 2012 after working in Special Education for 10 years. She joined the staff in May of 2017 and loves working with church members and families to help children grow in their relationships with and understanding of God. Allison studied at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln (Go Big Red) and received her Master of Education degree at Vanderbilt University in Nashville. Allison’s family stays busy enjoying parks, food, and community events around Topeka. One of Allison’s favorite bible verses is Luke 8:48, “Then he said to his disciples, ‘When you welcome even a child because of me, you welcome me…’”

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Children’s Discipleship Team

Mickey Foster (Committee Chair)

Sue Blackman

Jill Norton

Julie Taylor

Megan Cyphers

Tara Mays

Dee Anderson

Justin McFarland

Sharlene Mueldener

Children’s Discipleship Mission Statement:

… To spiritually equip children to develop personal relationships with Jesus by inspiring young faith and presenting the gospel in understandable terms.

Children’s Discipleship Committee Purpose:

…To serve as the think tank for innovative Children’s Discipleship Programming that fosters spiritual development in both children and their parents.

Commitment of the Children’s Discipleship Committee Members:

  • To subscribe to the Children’s Discipleship Mission Statement above
  • To contribute to out-of-the-box brainstorming to grow and develop the ministry
  • To partner with committee members to plan and execute various special events as available. Such events may include: VBS, Advent Workshop, Children’s Discipleship Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast, Sunday School Leader Training Luncheon, Fundraiser for Camp Chippewa Scholarships, Christmas Pageant, etc.
  • Serve during special events as available, at least one per year
  • Attend monthly meetings