Sunday Morning Classes for Adults

Not sure which class to join? Email our Connection Ministries Director who will find the perfect fit for you!

Sunday School Classes are at 9:30 a.m.

  • Faith Connections

  • Room: 101
    Class Type: This group of believers is interested in making the connection between their life experiences and the Christian faith. This class often uses FaithLink, which is a currents events study that supports discussion of world events through scripture.
  • Pathways to Good News
  • Room: L15
    Class Type: Learn Bible-centered teaching and its application to Christian living in today’s world.
  • Keystone
  • Room: 105
    Class Type: Focusing on Biblical and theological themes, this group emphasizes growing in understanding of Christian faith, then responding with new commitments.
  • Wesley Weds
  • Room: L4
    Class Type: Empty Nest Couples that engage in studies to encourage class discussions. They meet year round and the class is self-taught by members on a rotating basis. The class also holds regular social events.
  • Horizon
  • Room: 100
    Class Type: 60’s+ Couples/Singles, using the Bible as their primary study tool.
  • God’s Hands
  • Room: Conference Room
    Class Type: It’s all in the name–this group exlores how God works through His people to provide the love and support needed for this world.
  • New Decade
  • Room: L9
    Class Type: This class is centered on Bible-based curriculum applicable to current issues and daily living.
  • Y2K
  • Room: L5
    Class Type: Search for ways to live out your faith in this casual setting. Book and topical studies are often used.