Church Reports

Quarterly Committee Reports

Recently, Leadership Council determined that an efficient way to distribute information concerning Topeka First UMC Committee activities was to publish a quarterly report. Please use the below link to read the latest news from our ministry teams and committees. As you can see, many positive things are happening in the life of our Church! Any specific questions/suggestions concerning a committee should be directed to the person listed after the committee. If you have any questions or suggestions about the Quarterly report, please let me know.
Jill Wolters, Chair, Leadership Council

Read the latest Quarterly Update here: April 2017 Quarterly Committee Update

2017 Church Budget

The Finance Committee of Topeka First United Methodist Church has drafted – and the Leadership Council has recently approved – the 2017 operating budget for the church. To view this document just click on the below link.

If you have questions concerning this document, please feel free to contact any member of the Leadership Council or the Finance Committee.

Max Foster, Chairperson, Finance Committee

2017 Budget presentation