Church Reports

Quarterly Committee Reports

Recently, Leadership Council determined that an efficient way to distribute information concerning Topeka First UMC Committee activities was to publish a quarterly report. Please use the below link to read the latest news from our ministry teams and committees. As you can see, many positive things are happening in the life of our Church! Any specific questions/suggestions concerning a committee should be directed to the person listed after the committee. If you have any questions or suggestions about the Quarterly report, please let me know.
Jill Wolters, Chair, Leadership Council

Read the latest Quarterly Update here: Quarterly Committee Update 10-2017

Worship Enhancements Update

I hope many of you were at the services these past few Sundays to experience the Worship Enhancements in the Chapel and the Sanctuary. We still have a few of the details to complete everything, but the improvements have already impacted the worship experience at Topeka First UMC.
The Chapel has new lighting, which allows everyone to see what’s happening on the chancel area and adds colors to particular worship experiences. The new video wall provides vivid colors and readability for everyone. The new audio/video equipment provides improved sound for the congregation and the musicians, and will allow video live-streaming to other areas of the church and everywhere outside the church over the Internet.
The Sanctuary also has new video walls and a monitor screen for the pastor and choir – Alleluia! The new sound system in the Sanctuary provides great sound throughout the seating area. The video systems will also allow live-streaming the same as in the chapel. The maintenance and improvements on the organ have also been completed, with the exception of a few details, and if you were in the 11 a.m. service last week and paying attention, the organ pipes played the postlude without Donna sitting at the bench. Wow!
Even our choir director, Steve Eubank, shared his carpenter skills by leading the effort to construct a rolling platform for the organ console so that it can be easily moved to any location on the chancel to accommodate space needs for special services and potential organ concerts.
None of this could have happened without your support a year ago when the Board of Trustees asked you to pray and share your financial gifts to support these Worship Enhancements during Miracle Sunday. On behalf of the Board, I want to express our deep gratitude for your generosity.
The new technology provides many opportunities to add to unique worship experiences. Our volunteers operating these systems each Sunday have already been experimenting with some and will surely be trying out more capabilities in the future. Please have some patience as the equipment operators learn the new equipment and try out the many options.
Thank you again for your generosity to support these Worship Enhancements.
Bill Naeger
Board of Trustees Chair

2017 Church Budget

The Finance Committee of Topeka First United Methodist Church has drafted – and the Leadership Council has recently approved – the 2017 operating budget for the church. To view this document just click on the below link.

If you have questions concerning this document, please feel free to contact any member of the Leadership Council or the Finance Committee.

Max Foster, Chairperson, Finance Committee

2017 Budget presentation