Aug. 5 Connection: A Trip Through Warsaw

Following the Steps of Irena Sandler: A Trip Through Warsaw, Poland

Come to Fellowship Hall this Sunday, August 6 at 9:30 a.m. for our next Summer Symposium. Just back from Poland, Alice Bertels will share the inspiring true story of Irena Sendler; her story, her bravery, and her connection to Kansas. Follow Irena’s footsteps through Warsaw, Poland, including stops at well-known sites as well little-known personal connections to Irena. A description of other sites related to this story will include the Warsaw Zoo (setting of The Zoo Keepers Wife) and two concentration camps used by the Nazis to rid Europe of Jews and others they deemed undesirable. A look at present day Poland will remind us that even when the world is at its darkest there are those who shine, doing whatever they can to “Repair the World.”
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