April 6th eNote from Pastor Jeff

Last Sunday, we had a wonderful Easter celebration of the Resurrection. I am so grateful for all of the people who invested their time and talents to make the day such a success on so many levels. I am particularly grateful for the many musicians who gave of themselves in countless ways during the week. From Maundy Thursday, to Good Friday, and to Easter Sunday worship services (and all of the rehearsals to make them happen) required a great amount of time and effort. Thank you to everyone who was involved!


We also formally launched our livestream of the 9:30 and 11:00 services. I was pleased to hear from many of you who took advantage of the opportunity. Our analytics show 55 different IP addresses took advantage of the stream on Sunday (meaning, people watched from 55 different electronic devices). We know that these viewers included the following:
  • Several members and their families who were home after recent surgeries.
  • A member of the choir who was ill and unable to be present.
  • A couple in Wyoming who are not regularly involved in a church, but have connections to Topeka First UMC.
  • Members of our congregation who are in Arizona for the winter months.
  • A young woman who had been invited to worship by a member of our congregation, but was not able to make it in person.
I believe that our livestream provides a great opportunity to share what is happening inside the walls of our church with countless people outside of the walls. If you’ll be traveling or find yourself ill in the coming weeks, please feel free to join us online. If you have friends and family you’d like to connect with our church, please feel free to share the link with them. You can watch the 9:30 and 11:00 services live each week and view past services and sermons at this link.


This Sunday in worship, we will explore an interaction that the resurrected Christ and Simon Peter have in John 21. It is a beautiful resurrection story and one I find to be quite meaningful. I’m excited to share this message with you.


I hope that you have had a wonderful week and look forward to seeing you in worship on Sunday!