April 27 eNote from Pastor Jeff

The Clinger kids are off school today and playing in the front room as I write this from the dining room table. Joshua is playing loudly and actively in the way that a kindergartner plays. Hannah is on the couch reading.
As I drank my coffee earlier this morning I took a look at Facebook to see the “On This Day” pictures and posts. 9 years ago I posted a picture of a 5 1/2 month old Hannah eating some peas for the first time. Where does the time go?!
I know that many of you ask yourself versions of that question regularly. We are heading into graduation season where many will mark the passing of time with a first child or last child or grandchild. Many of you have recently or will soon celebrate milestones in your own lives, milestones that once felt a long ways away, but that are now here. Where does the time go?!
In worship at the 11 o’clock service this weekend we will celebrate that 10 young people are confirming their faith and making the formal commitments to be active members in our church family (I suspect many in their families will wonder where the time has gone!). At the same time, we will also be recognizing persons who have been members of Topeka First UMC for 50 years (and more).
As we continue to grow into an increasingly vital community of faith that makes a difference in the lives of people “for the good of the city” I am convinced that it will take all of us working together to realize our full potential. I am grateful for those confirmands taking the next step in their faith and for the mentors and teachers who have guided them through this process. And I am grateful for those long-time members of our congregation who continue to give of themselves for the sake of Christ’s mission through the church.
I invite you to make it a point to be present in worship this weekend as we celebrate what it means to be members together in the church. It should be a wonderful Sunday of celebration!