If #Adulting is a term that is familiar to you, you will fit right in with this new ministry at Topeka First UMC! #Adulting is for anyone who is experiencing the early stages of adulthood: first job out of college, starting a family, doing your own taxes, first “grown up” relationship, buying a sofa instead of finding one on a street corner, buying a house or renting without five roommates…This group is not as much defined by age as it is defined by the stage of life you are in. There is so much going on at this time in our lives, but finding a community that is navigating these same changes can really keep us grounded. Some of us have families, some of us are single, some of us are professionals, some of us are students…all of us are here for each other.

We hold regular activities that help us Connect, Grow, and Serve together. Check out our church newsletter for more.

What’s next for #Adulting?

Check out our church Newsletter in the coming weeks for more details on these activities. Contact Jayna McFarland to learn more.

  • December 10th, 6-8 p.m.:
    • Bring two dozen of your most delicious holiday treats to our Cookie Swap party and come share in the festive cheer! Warm adult beverages will be provided. There is an “adults evening out” event, so please plan your own child care. Email Hannah Naeger for details.

Grow Together

All ages are welcome in any of our adult classes on Sunday mornings and weeknights, but those interested in #Adulting at Topeka First UMC might particularly enjoy these opportunities:

  • Wednesday Night Studies and Activities: Our church offers a variety of activities on Wednesday nights for adults and children. We encourage you to choose one way to get involved on Wednesdays, and of course, begin your evening by sitting down for a meal with your church family. Click here to learn more about Wednesday nights at Topeka First UMC. Click here to R.S.V.P. for Wednesday Night meals.
  • Twentysomething: 9:30 a.m. on Sundays in Rm 104. In the tumultuous time of your twenties, life can become overwhelming, confusing, and very exciting. This new class can serve a peaceful refuge to discuss how life is going and offer wisdom from the Bible, fellow Topeka First UMC members, and more. This fall, we will begin with lessons based on the book Twentysomething: Surviving and Thriving in the Real World. No matter if you’re a recent high school graduate just starting on your adult journey, the loved one of a twentysomething you’d like to understand better, or anywhere in-between, you are welcome in this class!
  • TBD: 9:30 a.m. on Sundays in the Hearth Room (during classroom transitions–official room will be announced later). We’re calling it “TBD,” because where each of us goes in our faith journey is yet To Be Determined. The idea for the class was hatched out of the #Adulting group, but you don’t have to be a certain age to join us. We are currently studying Animate Faith. This video-based series invites us to engage our faith as we explore the topics of God, Jesus, Salvation, Church, Religion, the Bible, and the Cross. You can find out more about the curriculum here.  Contact Heather Clinger for more information.