Children’s Ministry Team

Sue Blackman (Committee Chair)
Mickey Foster
Jill Norton
Diana Stahly
Julie Taylor
Katie Tenbrink
Kim Zielsdorf

Children’s Ministry Mission Statement:

… To spiritually equip children to develop personal relationships with Jesus by inspiring young faith and presenting the gospel in understandable terms.

Children’s Ministry Committee Purpose:

…To serve as the think tank for innovative Children’s Ministry Programming that fosters spiritual development in both children and their parents.

Commitment of the Children’s Ministry Committee Members:

  • To subscribe to the Children’s Ministry Mission Statement above
  • To contribute to out-of-the-box brainstorming to grow and develop the ministry
  • To partner with committee members to plan and execute various special events as available. Such events include: VBS, Advent Workshop, Children’s Ministry Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast, Sunday School Leader Training Luncheon, Fundraiser for Camp Chippewa Scholarships, Christmas Pageant, etc.
  • Serve during special events as available, at least one per year
  • Consistently speak highly of the Children’s Ministry at FIRST UMC
  • Pray for the Children’s Ministry: it’s leadership, growth and progress
  • Attend monthly meetings.
  • Make life choices that are consistent with your commitment to honor God and follow Christ as your example.